Video marketing and video advertising sound synonyms, but they are not. 
Video advertising is one hole in a big circle of video marketing.
Video marketing is a vast subject, whereas video advertising is a small topic of it. 
The concept of video marketing encompasses video series, and a wide range of video types, styles, and lengths. It is implemented on various channels as a mode of communication. Video marketing is the use of videos to market your brand, products, or events. Even if videos are used to promote your company subtly—that is called video marketing. 
These are the best examples of video marketing videos. / /
On the other side, video advertising highly focuses on just brand promotion.
 For example
This video is completely focused on the brand promotion of a particular brand. However, in the example of video marketing, you can see, it talks about emotions, education, information, etc.
Personalization is what content marketing and video marketing help brands do together. Content marketing is a vast term. Under content marketing, you decide the methods and formats of doing marketing. For example, in content marketing, you decide whether you want to do marketing online or offline. Here you decide, whether you are going to create banners or run ads on social media. Also, here you decide, where you have to do the marketing. That means you decide your target audience. You can’t run your BMW ad on a cartoon network. Since kids are not your target audience. 
Video marketing is the shining star of your content marketing. It is a smarter and quicker way of reaching your audience. Together they help to convey a brand’s personality without over-selling. As a result, it helps to build trust in a brand.
For the longest time, since Google has come, content marketing has revolved around in the form of blogs, social media posts, and articles. But in the last few years, video consumption is on a hike up to 300x according to Facebook.
Video is a fresh breath in the world of information. There was a time when blogging was overruling. But in the time of evolution, content styling has also evolved. It has taken many forms. Grabbing the opportunity, we can put the same content on different platforms. Like we can put the blog on a website, and simultaneously create a video on it. Also, we can convert the same content into audio form as a podcast.
The attention span of people has indeed dropped from newspapers to blogs to microblogs. Presently the video is keeping them hooked. Even good writers are moving to showcase their content through videos. The number of vloggers increasing day by day is evidence. It shows that video marketing is the current wave of the marketing industry. But content marketing will not be left behind.
Both of them are moving together. None of them is left behind nor has less importance.
Video marketing is the star pupil of content marketing, not the competitor. Since it makes the consumption of content easier and faster.
Comparing video marketing with content marketing or putting one ahead of the other is not justice for any of them.
And why compare them when two of them can go together?

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